Escape into nature, follow marked or unmarked paths… in every season, the effort will be rewarded. Each excursion is a real pleasure: admiring the magnificent views, marvelling at the waterfalls in the forest, tasting the edible flowers, finding mushrooms, following animal tracks, and being surprised by all this beauty.

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We will gladly lend you our maps and a small backpack and give you tips on hiking routes.

cascade Aveyron
Puy-Mary vue depuis Aveyron
wandelin Pailherols Aveyron
Aveyron randonnée granges Basalture


We believe time spent immersed in nature is good for us. We know the importance of natural world to human health.

The trend of Japanese practice Shinrin-Yoku, means bathing in a forest atmosphere. It is a practice of slowing down in a natural environment and consciously connecting with what’s around you, using actively your 5 senses. Exploring sights and sounds of the forest, feel its textures and smell its aromas. On top of the health benefits, the forest bath offers you a relaxed and recharged feeling. If you’re interested to experience a forest bath during your stay, please contact Griet.

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Griet is Forest Bathing guide, certified by “Forest Therapy hub”.

bain forêt Aveyron Thérondels
Aveyron Thérondels bain forêt


Our garden is essential to us. A garden that grows and blooms, where we can work in, take care for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. We experience and try to find the right combinations of sunlight, water, fertile soil, mulching and companion plants. A place where we can observe the wildlife and follow the season closely.

Our guests have free access to the garden; to unwind in on a summer’s day, to read a book, to stretch and do some yoga, to dream away, simply to enjoy nature and the quiet surrounding. Or why not, sowing or harvesting vegetables and picking small fruit.

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Our method of gardening and designing our garden is inspired on the principles of permaculture.


Baking our own bread is satisfying. We’re proud that we saved the outdoor bread oven from our home and spent time rebuilding it back to its glory. Outdoor bread making is part of the heritage and tradition in this region. We continue this tradition by baking our bread in the old fashioned way: we take the time to refresh our sourdough starter, to prepare the dough, to fold it and let it rise overnight. We prepare the wood fire in the oven well in advance, to ensure to get the optimal temperature. After the baking, it’s a pleasure taking the delicious smelling and crusty breads out of the oven.

Baking bread in the outdoor oven is an opportunity to bring people together; friends, guests and neighbours. It’s a lively and dynamic place of exchange. We will organise some workshops and baking sessions on regular base.

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A fouace is a typical bread of the Aveyron, slightly sweet and buttery, flavored with orange blossom water, baked and served for any family gathering.